Cassie Byrnes

           Cassie Byrnes is a Melbourne based artist and textile designer. Since completing her studies at RMIT in 2014, she has quickly become known for her distinctive prints and patterns, commissioned by brands including Kuwaii, Verner and Country Road.

In parallel with her textile practice, 2016 has presented Cassie with the opportunity to create and exhibit her original artwork for the first time. ‘Gondwanaland’, brings together a series of paintings on linen inspired by Pangea, a supercontinent that existed 200 million years ago.

This body of work is the natural progression of a fascination which has consumed Cassie’s work over the past two years. Inspired by evolutionary themes, the works reference the prehistoric landscape, rock formations, vegetation and flora thought to have covered the ancient supercontinent of Gondwana millions of years ago.

Playing on the deepest of human curiosities, Gondwanaland creates an imagined view of a bygone habitat, channeled through the study of the subtropical landscape. The prehistoric protea, a species which has relict lineage dating back to this era, is a recurring theme. These works combine both abstract and figurative forms, symbolising the mystery that surrounds the landscape of the mesozoic era.



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