Hannah Nowlan

          ‘Portalis’ by Hannah Nowlan is a series of 15 richly textured artworks first conceptualised during the devastating bushfires during the summer of 2020, and built upon during the onset of the pandemic. Looking on, feeling helpless, the artist found symbolic meaning in a hermit shell she found on the shores of Ricketts Point in Victoria. A metaphor of withdrawal and retreat, the shell became a sentiment of our sheltered interiors, and of hibernation, where we would return within to survive. Checkered and spiralling, these psychedelic portals draw you to their core, representing an entry into a new world as much as a passageway to regeneration.



Works can be shipped within Australia + internationally at an additional cost, or picked up directly from TDF Collect in Collingwood, Melbourne.

Couriers within Melbourne can also be arranged. 

TDF Collect will be open for artwork pick ups Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm, as soon as restrictions are lifted. 

All artworks are oil on canvas, framed in Tasmanian oak. 


Due to the ongoing health crisis, ‘I Missed You, But Not That Much’ by Emma Currie is an online only show running from September 8th – 24th.