Skye Jefferys

          Skye Jefferys is a Melbourne-born, Singapore-based artist.

Drawn to the idea of limitations, whether real or imagined, Skye’s vibrant gestural forms and distinctive colour palette reference her current surroundings. The emerald greens
of the tropics, orchid mauves and dragon fruit pinks are influenced by the fragrant melting pot of cultures that come together in Singapore.

Exploring the concept of having no boundaries, no start or finish to the paintings, Skye works on undefined, unstretched canvases, moving around the works to eliminate any sense of ‘top’ or ‘bottom’. This intense creative process results in vivid abstractions, buzzing with bold colour and energy. ‘Once a painting starts to feel resolved, I approach from a new orientation and begin again, this time using a new perspective,’ the artist explains. ‘I try to push the composition to an unexpected resolution and, in so doing, find its edges.’

Skye's dynamic brushwork is layered, intertwining and endlessly overlapping. Once complete, the compositions find their balance, yet remain unending. They are imbued
with potential twists and turns, possibilities that might breathe beyond the works’ boundaries.