Emma Currie

       Emma Currie’s debut solo show ‘I’ve Missed You, But Not That Much’ is a reflection on the benefits of solitude. It considers periods of isolation as a regenerative practice, necessary for fostering the kind of insight we need to examine ourselves and society critically.Elegantly balancing geometry with fluidity, the feminine figures in these 10 vibrant artworks appear to relish their own company, lounging and luxuriating in quiet contemplation. The series reflects the artist's own relationship with burnout, and the valuable lessons learned in this period of isolation - of stillness, and of nothingness.



Works can be shipped within Australia + internationally at an additional cost, or picked up directly from TDF Collect in Collingwood, Melbourne.

Couriers within Melbourne can also be arranged. 

TDF Collect will be open for artwork pick ups following the exhibition closing Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm. 

All artworks are watercolour on paper and have been framed with  reclaimed messmate. 


‘Walk These Streets’ by Marc Martin 
Saturday November 28th – Thursday December 3rd

TDF Collect
14 Little Oxford Street
Collingwood, Melbourne


Saturday 10am-4pm
Sunday 11am-3pm
Monday Closed
Tuesday-Thursday 10am-4pm